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Why Macrogold is innovative?

About Macrogold

Macro Gold is a rapidly growing gold mining and trading firm

Macro Gold is a rapidly growing gold mining and trading firm that employs a cutting-edge technology to ensure its security. As a result, the firm is a trustworthy partner for investors looking to make huge returns while maintaining a high level of security. Investing and trading in gold offers a wonderful potential for financial development as well as a consistent income.

Our expertise allows us to set a relatively high interest rate for investment attraction.

Investing in gold mining and exchanges allows us to generate consistent revenue even during moments of extreme volatility.

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Legal Certificates

Certificate of Incorporation
Certificate of Incorporation - UK
Certificate of Incorporation
Articles of Organization - Arkansas
Certificate of Incorporation
Certificate of Incorporation - Hong Kong

Why we are the finest?

  1. Macro Gold programmes are dependable and long-term.
  2. We have put up an investing package that is affordable and accessible to people of all income levels.
  3. Our experts either invest or trade the received funds in the gold market, and returns are provided to our investors from the company's revenues. Gold mining and trading provide a diverse variety of monetary development and profit prospects.
  4. All promoters and leaders will be encouraged to develop a better team with a 10% referral bonus and a 10% binary matching bonus. We also provide many honorary titles and incentives to the deserved clients. This is how new members are attracted to the firm, and when they invest, the sponsor/leader receives a bonus, while team members profit from the power-leg. Investors receive the promised returns, and participants earn referral and binary commission. This is the finest chance for everyone, from the poorest of the poor to the wealthiest of the wealthy. The only platform that has aided individuals in living their ideal lives. It's an opportunity for active users to become extremely wealthy.
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Celebration Offer For 300 Days

Dear Members, we are pleased to announce an exciting offer for our investors following 300 days of profitable operations; the specifics of which are provided at our website. We appreciate and thank the support and loyalty of all our investors. We appreciate your continued faith in us. You and all the other clients just like you have made it possible for us to establish a successful business environment. We would especially like to congratulate all our leaders in particular. We would want to reaffirm the stability of our business today, putting a special emphasis on our top-notch security measures and use of dedicated servers. We pledge to provide opportunities to many more new clients, as well as help our existing investors and leaders to grow financially. Witness us as we continue to build riches for ourselves and for our investors as we reshape the economy.

$500 - $50000

4% for 40 Days

  • Min: $500
  • Max: $50000
  • Returns: 160%
  • Direct: 10%
  • Daily Capping: $5500
  • Principal return: No
10% calculated 24 hours
Chose the best plan

Investment Plans

We've always wanted everyone to have access to our investment opportunity. Our website is user friendly and our plans are highly affordable, simple and straightforward. Thus, anyone who wish to succeed financially may utilise our services.

$30 to $5000

2% Daily ROI for 80 Days

  • Bronze: 160%
  • Min: $30
  • Max: $5000
  • Returns: 160%
  • Direct: 10%
  • Daily Capping: $1500
  • Principal return: No
10% calculated 24 hours

$5001 to $25000

2.5% Daily ROI for 64 Days

  • Silver: 160%
  • Min: $5001
  • Max: $25000
  • Returns: 160%
  • Direct: 10%
  • Daily Capping: $2500
  • Principal return: No
10% calculated 24 hours

$25001 to $50000

3% Daily ROI for 55 Days

  • Gold: 165%
  • Min: $25001
  • Max: $50000
  • Returns: 165%
  • Direct: 10%
  • Daily Capping: $3500
  • Principal return: No
10% calculated 24 hours

$50001 or more

3.5% Daily ROI for 50 Days

  • Platinum: 175%
  • Min: $50001
  • Max: Unlimited
  • Returns: 175%
  • Direct: 10%
  • Daily Capping: $5000
  • Principal return: No
10% calculated 24 hours

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Binary Matching Income

10% (Paid Once In a Day)

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Deposit Accepted: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Tether, Dogecoin
Our Team

Management team

Austin Jones

Managing Director

Chris Brown

Vice President

Henry Wilson

Investment Research Head

Kayla Davies

Fund Accounting Manager

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We aim to be the world's best investment firm, specialising in gold mining and trading to boost our company's and investors' profits. We aim to combine the whole currency market into one multi-currency platform. The monetary and digital currency networks will be reconciled into a single multicurrency organisation as a consequence of this. This will enable Macro Gold grow and extend the financial options to its clientele. As a result, the Macro Gold currency will eventually develop into the most reliable multi-currency exchange centre, with quick transfers, practical investments, and guaranteed returns.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help our clients achieve a healthy financial position while also increasing our effect on the global economy. In our engagement with our clients, we are focused on upholding the highest standards of trustworthiness. All of our clients may expect timely returns and bonuses from us. Our company's major goal is to generate economic value for its clients and investors by identifying and acquiring gold trading assets that provide the investors above-average returns with considerable potential growth. We aim to give our clients with a high level of service and an investment strategy that maintains the integrity and adaptability of the gold mining and trading industries.


Frequently Asked Questions

Macro Gold is pioneer in gold trading and mining.
You must invest and receive consistent returns on your investment (please check investment plans). You can also profit from our binary matching bonus system and by introducing new investors and thus earning referral income.
You must first open an account with us in order to invest. After you've enrolled, you may start investing with us. After the funds have been reflected in your account balance, click "Invest"/"Investment" and make an investment.
This system allows you to create an unlimited number of accounts.
It's usually a good idea to use a referral link when registering so that your sponsor may assist you in growing your subtree. You can also register directly on our website, which will link you to a registration page with a sponsor picked at random.