For our investors, we want to create a risk-free atmosphere. Our primary priority will be the safety of your money. To secure the information of all of our investors and stakeholders, data-security and anti-theft mechanisms have been installed. Investing in Macro Gold offers a lot of potential for profit; yet, like any other endeavour, it comes with the danger of losing money. Our directors and risk management team have assessed the risks and devised methods to mitigate them. Our organisational principles assist us in dealing with hazards in the safest possible manner. Even after creating a strong system to mitigate risk to a significant extent, our investors, like any other investment opportunity, may still be at danger of losing money. Please do not proceed with an investment if you do not recognise or feel confident in taking a risk. We have included a sophisticated content management system for enhanced security and the ability to maintain quick procedures. The company's and its investors' data is encrypted and secured. Despite the fact that our organization's failure is almost unthinkable, there is still a chance of negative actions influencing the outcome. Market conditions, on the other hand, are monitored using AI with the help of our specialists, ensuring that the system stays on track. Risk is an unavoidable component of any business endeavour. As a trustworthy business, we feel compelled to inform our investors of even the tiniest risk.

The firm provides a variety of investment options from which to pick. The customer is required to invest after thoroughly comprehending the investment package and its implications for his or her needs. Any losses incurred as a result of unfavourable circumstances are completely your responsibility. We will not be held accountable for any losses incurred during the investment period.


1.1 The following terms are used in this Policy:

1.1.1. “Site Administration” - approved site management workers who organise and (or) process personal data and decide the goals of processing personal data, the scope of personal data to be processed, and activities (operations) performed with personal data.

1.1.2. “Personal data” refers to any information about a living person who can be identified (personal data subject).

1.1.3. “Personal data processing” - any action (operation) or set of actions (operations) performed on personal data, whether with or without the use of automated means, including collection, recording, systematisation, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, granting, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, and destruction.

1.1.4. “Privacy” - are a legally enforceable obligation for the site's administration to avoid their purposeful disclosure without the data subject's permission.

1.1.5. “the website User (hence the User)” - the person who has Internet connection and uses the website for their own means.

1.1.6. "Cookies" - a little bit of data delivered from a web server and kept on the user's computer, which the web client or web browser transmits to the web server each time you try to view a page of the website in the HTTP request.

1.1.7. “IP address” - an IP Protocol-based network address for a node in a computer network.


2.1. Acceptance of this privacy policy and the terms of the processing of the User's personal data is implied by the User's usage of the site.

2.2. If the User does not agree with the provisions of the privacy policy, he or she must leave the website.

2.3. This privacy statement solely applies to this website. Third-party websites to which the User can go using the links provided on this site are not within the authority of the site administration, and the site management is not responsible for them.

2.4. The site's management does not check the correctness of personal data submitted by website users.


3.1. This Privacy Policy outlines the site Administration's duties regarding the purposeful non-disclosure of personal data provided by Users in response to different Administration site requests (for example, when registering on the website, ordering, notification subscriptions, etc).

3.2. Personal data that may be processed under this privacy policy and that is supplied by the User by filling out particular forms on the Website, which typically comprise the following information:

3.2.1. e-mail address (e-mail)

3.2.2. history of orders

3.3. In addition, the website administration is making steps to secure personal data that is automatically sent while accessing the website's pages:

IP address; cookie information; browser (or other software that visits the website) information; access time; web page addresses; referrer (the previous page's address), and so on.

3.3.1. Disabling cookies may prevent you from accessing the site.:

3.3.2. The website gathers data on its visitors' IP addresses. This data is utilised to identify and resolve technical issues, as well as to ensure that activities are carried out correctly.

3.4. Any additional personal information not covered by the conditions above (purchase history, browsers and operating systems used, etc.) will not be released unless it is in accordance with article 7.1 of this privacy Policy.


4.1. The personal information of users may be used by the website administration to:

4.1.1. The identification of the User who has registered on the website for the purpose of placing an order and/or concluding the Contract.

4.1.2. Give the user access to the site's customised content.

4.1.3. Collect user input, which includes delivering alerts, inquiries on how to use the website, providing services, and responding to user questions and requests.

4.1.4. Determine the User's location to maintain security and avoid fraud.

4.1.5. Verification of the accuracy and completeness of the User's personal data.

4.1.6. If the User consented to the creation of an account, establish an account to make purchases.

4.1.7. Notifying the User of the Order Status on the Website

4.1.8. If you encounter issues when using the website, provide excellent customer and technical assistance to the User.

4.1.9. Provide the User with updates, services, special offers, market data, newsletters, and other information on behalf of the site's partners or with the User's consent.

4.1.10. Promotional activities are carried out with the User's consent.

4.1.11 Giving Users access to this website's third-party sites or services in order to receive their recommendations, updates, or services.


5.1. Processing of users' personal data without time restriction, in any way, including in personal data information systems using automated methods or without the use of such funds.


6.1. The user agrees to:

6.1.1. The user agrees not to divulge the username and password used to authenticate with the website to any third parties.

6.1.2. In the event that the information supplied concerning personal data changes, to update or supplement it.

6.1.3. To take steps to secure their sensitive data kept on the website from unauthorised access.

6.2. The site administrator is responsible for:

6.2.1. To only use the information for the reasons stated in paragraph 4 of this privacy policy.

6.2.2. With the exception of paragraphs 7.1 of this Privacy Policy, not to reveal the User's personal data.

6.2.3. In the event that inaccurate personal data or misbehaviour is discovered, to implement blocking of personal data pertaining to that User following the request or the User request for the time of verification.


7.1. In the event that personal data is lost or disclosed, the site is not liable if the following private information is disclosed:

7.1.1. Became well-known prior to her death or revelation.

7.1.2. Was received from a third party prior to site administration receiving it.

7.1.3. Was gained by unlawful access to the website's data by other parties.

7.1.4. Was released with the User's permission.

7.1. The user is solely responsible for the legality, accuracy, and veracity of the personal information submitted.

8. Failure to accept responsibility

8.1. The website's administration offers you a nonexclusive licence to utilise all of the programming examples in order to develop your own projects.

8.2. With respect to the programmes and technical support, the site administration and the developers and suppliers of its programmes make no warranty, express or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties and obligations concerning MERCHANTABILITY, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.

8.3. The website management, as well as the creators and distributors of its applications, are not liable for any of the following occurrences, even if they were previously notified of their potential occurrence:

8.3.1. Data loss or corruption.

8.3.2. Direct, special, incidental, or consequential damages, or any damages connected to them.

8.3.3. Profit, benefit, income, prestige, or expected savings


9.1. Without your agreement, the site administrator maintains the right to alter this privacy policy.

9.2. Unless otherwise stated in the updated version of the privacy Policy, the new privacy Policy takes effect when it is posted on the Website.