Macro Gold is pioneer in gold trading and mining.
You must invest and receive consistent returns on your investment (please check investment plans). You can also profit from our binary matching bonus system and by introducing new investors and thus earning referral income.
You must first open an account with us in order to invest. After you've enrolled, you may start investing with us. After the funds have been reflected in your account balance, click "Invest"/"Investment" and make an investment.
This system allows you to create an unlimited number of accounts.
It's usually a good idea to use a referral link when registering so that your sponsor may assist you in growing your subtree. You can also register directly on our website, which will link you to a registration page with a sponsor picked at random.
To invest, you must first create an account with us. You can begin investing with us once you have enrolled.
The required minimum deposit is ____.
Payment processors such as Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum are available for investment.
No, all earnings, such as return on investment (ROI), direct referral income, and/or binary matching revenue, collect in your E-Wallet, from which you must withdraw them to your e-currency account.
Yes, you can make as many deposits as you like, but each one will be handled independently.
In around 48 hours, you'll get your first return on investment.
After a withdrawal request, it takes 72 hours for the funds to appear in the e-currency account.
The minimum amount that may be withdrawn is ____.
When moving funds from Macro Gold account to an e-currency account, a total withdrawal fee of 10% is applied.
Internal transfers, i.e. transfers of funds from one Macro Gold account to another, are free of charge.
Only the Account Balance can be used to invest. Internal dollar transfers from one account to another are made easy and free with Account Balance. It is not possible to transfer funds from your Account Balance to your E-Wallet. Your Account Balance is not eligible for withdrawal.
All earnings, including return on investment (ROI), direct referral revenue, and binary matching bonus, are accumulated in the E-Wallet. To withdraw funds, you must use an E-Wallet. For internal fund transfer or investment, you can transfer funds from your E-wallet to your Account Balance.
No, because the trading does not take place on weekends, your investment will provide a return from Monday to Friday.
Binary matching bonus will be computed every 24 hours.
You will receive a welcome email with your User ID and Password after completing the registration process. Please check your spam folder if you don't see it in your inbox. Please click the "forgot password" link and input your username or email address to receive your account information. You may also request your login details by sending an email from your registered email address.
Click on "Payment Info," then "Save Details" after entering the wallet address in the appropriate E-currency box.
If you send an email to the firm from your registered email address, we will update your account information for you.